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Currently at AsthmaTuner, helping people live a life with less asthma.

I'm Aleksandra, a Boston-based
Product Designer putting the human
touch back in tech.


Case studies

My specialty is UX design for mobile and web interfaces. I'm passionate about understanding people, but meticulous about how I do it. Take a peek into my process!


Collaborated with healthcare stakeholders to explore the young asthmatic experience and how it can motivate self-management.

Outcome: Design guidelines for improving adherence to mobile, digital asthma treatment.

Frame 5.png

Worked with a cross-functional team to address usability issues in the core asthma treatment tool.

Outcome: More accurate documentation of patients’ condition and improved aesthetic experience.

Snurra Dagen Mockup.png

Ran research and UX for a graduate design project aimed at addressing the needs of children in the home.

Outcome: Testable prototype for an app that encourages children to seize the day ("snurra dagen" in Swedish).

Other work

While you're at it, check out some of my graphic work too.

Looking for a designer?

I'm currently seeking my next design contribution, so if you think we'd work well together I'd love to talk.

"The thoughtfulness in Aleksandra's work really shows and her ability to take raw, unpolished ideas and explore different possibilities in them is hard to come by. She has a knack for digging into team members' feedback and ideas when others might be quick to judge and look past them. Any workplace, design team and, above all, end users will be lucky to have her onboard."

Isabella Smolarski, Lead Designer at AsthmaTuner

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