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You can call me

All people have transformative ideas and have the capacity to change the world. This includes me. Being a designer means that I look for the impact of my actions on people, especially the most excluded. I humbly carry my passion to design new stories. I design. 

Mantra by Michelle Molitor and Neby Teklu from their excellent talk on inclusive design, Race and Recess


Why design?

When I first started studying Human-Computer Interaction, a professor introduced it as "the intersection of tech, art, and psychology." After a Bachelor's in Computer Science, I felt like I finally got to have my cake and eat it too. It's been an affair ever since: I love listening to people and understanding how they view the world, then piecing together how to help them.

Where am I from?

I was born in Poland, which is why I usually go by Ola (*it's short for Aleksandra in Polish). Since then, I've bounced around between Sweden, Singapore, the U.S., and Poland - and visited a few more places in between. Through living and working in a variety of places, I've noticed the influence culture has on myself and others as individuals, and the importance of recognizing those patterns and attitudes in design.

What do I get up to?

I've been studying and working at the same time for the past two years, which hasn't left brain space for much else. But now I'm back baby and I can't wait to spend some time honing my graphic design skills. First up: learn Procreate, and then we take it from there!

What am I listening to?

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